Products Flex Turn NEO Twin With Gantry
Flex Turn NEO Twin With Gantry

Flex Turn Twin With Gantry is compact in size and highly suitable for small/medium parts where volume is high. High speed machining combined with high precision and productivity offers cost effective machining solutions. Depending upon the number of operations involved and the size of the component, Up to7-tools can be used for parts having a diameter of less than 20mm.

These machines can be provided with bar feeder, slope tray, Part collection tray and bar Puller for continuous production. With a combination of chuck /collet arrangement, multi holder block and parts collectors various combination of machining can be done providing the customers endless choice for component machining.


swing over ("Z" Axis cover) Ø 380 mm
swing over cross slide cover Ø 120 mm
Chuck size Ø 135mm / Ø 165mm / Ø 200mm
SPINDLES - 1 & 2
Spindle speed 50-4000 / 50-3000
Spindle nose DIN 55026 A2-4/A2-5/A2-5LB/ A2-6
Spindle through bore Ø 38mm / Ø 42mm / Ø 58mm / Ø 63mm
Optimum turning Ø 100mm / Ø 120mm
Max bar capacity Ø 25mm / Ø 32mm / Ø 42mm / Ø 51mm
X axis travel 200
z axis travel (without chuck) 600
Rapid traverse x axis 20
Rapid traverse z axis 25
Feed rate 6000
Tooling system Linear Tools
Tool shank Size 20x20
Boring bar size Ø 25
Spindle 1 & 2 - Motor Power / Controller V1-3.7 Kw / V2 - 5.5 Kw ( Siemens / Fanuc/Mitsubishi) / V3 - 7.5 kw (Fanuc/Mitsubishi) 7 kw ( Siemens)

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